Yes & I Love You – Roni Loren

Yes & I Love You - Bibliode Review

Yes & I Love You (To Be Published – 2 March 2020)

Author – Roni Loren

Genre – Contemporary Romance

Page Count – 352 pages

Miz Poppy, a popular and anonymous entertainment columnist in an online magazine, writes a blog post about movies with shy characters who come out of their shell towards the end of the movie and all gets right in the world. But that is rarely the case with people with social anxiety when everyday things seem more difficult than one would expect.

What the readers of Miz Poppy don’t know is that behind the snarky reviewer is a shy Hollyn Tate, whose childhood experience of being made fun of because of her Tourette’s syndrome, has given her a lifetime of social anxiety. So even though she works in a common workspace, she always avoids making friends with people.

And of course, because a woman can never come into her own or get over a fear without the help of a man, we have the uber hot Jasper Deares, an improv artist who gives Hollyn free classes and brings her out of her shell.

While it never outright says that its Jasper who makes her get better, there are indications of it throughout. I understand that it is a heterosexual romance so there had to be a Jasper, but for once I’d like a book where a character like Andi – a true crime writer and Podcaster – becomes the person to help a girlfriend out. Romance can always happen on the side, am I right?

There are a lot more side plots in the book than expected. When Cal, Hollyn’s best mate who also has Tourette’s, visits her, it is revealed that he has been in love with her forever. That’s roadblock number 1.

Roadblock no. 2 – Jasper thinks that their no-strings attached arrangement is hurting Hollyn because he can look into her mind.

Roadblock no. 3 – Hollyn thinks that Jasper does not want her because she can look into her mind.

Roadblock no. 4 – Kenzi, Jasper ex-girlfriend and Netflix showrunner visits him with a role which will take him to LA.

The biggest twist is that they make it through these issues and live happily ever after. I really did not see that coming.

In all honesty, I liked the book. Its nice to see more real characters in books instead of the ones which are sorted from the beginning. But I would also like to see characters who figure things out on their own instead of a magical creature who make it all right for them.

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