Which Bridgerton Dreamboat Would You Marry?

Anthony and Simon

Ever wonder which Regency character you would have married if your life was like that of the Bridgertons?

If you are living under a rock and don’t know what Bridgerton is, its the latest Netflix show which has everyone absolutely excited. With beautiful dresses and a romance which puts the modern romances to shame, the adaptation of Julia Quinn’s books should be high on your list.

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You don't want to marry but there's a lot riding on you. What do you do?


All eyes are on you at a ball. Who do you dance with?

You have the chance to be mean to Cressida Cowper. Do you do it?

You have a very protective family which often backfires..........

Question 4

There's a new bachelor in town....

Question 5

You are to be married but just got a job offer out of town....

Question 6

Choose a honeymoon destination

Question 7

Who is your favourite badass Bridgerton lady?

Question 8

How would you spend a free day?

Anthony and Simon

You have been on the Marriage Mart a while now. How do you feel?

Marriage Mart

Which Bridgerton Dreamboat Would You Marry?
You will marry Simon Hastings

Simon Hastings

Who wouldn't want to marry the Duke?
You will marry Anthony Bridgerton

Anthony Bridgerton

Prepare for a life of endless banter with the Viscount.
You will marry Benedict Bridgerton

Benedict Bridgerton

A quite life in the countryside and maybe a portrait or two...
You will marry Colin Bridgerton

Colin Bridgerton

You love a life of adventure and who can be a better companion than Colin
You will marry Philip Crane

Phillip Crane

You love your flowers and so does he!
You will marry Michael Stirling

Michael Stirling

You are the real winner here!
You will marry Gareth St. Clair

Gareth St. Clair

Oh to find somebody as unproblematic as Gareth St. Clair
You will marry Gregory Bridgerton

On the Way to the Wedding

There is no Bridgerton more romantic than Gregory!

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