The Tourist Attraction – Sarah Morgenthaler

The Tourist Attraction - Bibliode Review

The Tourist Attraction (2020)

Author – Sarah Morgenthaler

Genre – Romance

Page Count – 400 pages


Some days just need a relaxing book with a hot cup of tea to make it better and if you are having one of such days, then may I recommend this incredible romance to give you the butterflies.

The Tourist Attraction follows the simple premise. Girl meets boy. They fall in love and there’s the happily ever after. But the things which make it stand out is that the book knows its cute and full of warmth and written with a lot of love.

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Zoey Caldwell has always dreamed of coming to Alaska and had been saving up for it what seemed like forever. Now she is in Moose Springs, one of the most pristine locations in the country. But everything seems to be going wrong. A whale watching trip leads to no whale watching. She gets lost in a forest in a storm and almost drops to her death in an ice cave. The only thing or rather the person making it worth it is, Graham.

The Tourist Attraction - Bibliode Review

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One would think that Graham’s grumpy restaurateur act would become annoying after a point but it remains fresh till the end. Graham has a clever way of looking at everything and if you like characters who don’t take themselves too seriously, then he will quickly make a way into your heart.

The Alaskan setting doesn’t make it into the book as much as I would have liked to see and some of the descriptions left me wanting more.

Graham and Zoey make an excellent couple, unproblematic from the beginning and worthy of their own ship. The side characters, although completely lacking in diversity, were lovable and lifted the whole story. I was very excited to know that there are more books in the ‘series’, though I believe they can be read as standalones.

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