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The Chicken Sisters - Bibliode Review

The Chicken Sisters (2020)

Author – KJ Dell’Antonia

Genre – Domestic Fiction

Page Count – 352 pages

Reese Witherspoon’s book club picks go on to become some of the most successful books of the month. I don’t usually ‘love’ these books and sometimes have hated certain picks, but The Chicken Sisters was the first time I absolutely adored a Reese’s Book Club pick.

I’ve recently become very interested in show themed books like One to Watch and while The Chicken Sisters does not delve as deep into the format as the former one, it plays an important role in the story and especially in the lives of the sisters, Amanda and Mae.


More than a 100 years back, in the small town of Merinac, Kansas, two sisters – Mimi and Frannie – set the foundation of a rivalry which finds a place in a famous Food Channel show called the Food Wars.

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One of the two central characters of the book is Mae, an Instagram celebrity with book deals and shows, who left behind her Kansas life long time back. I loved Mae so much – she is relatable, ambitious and strong and while it may create some roadblocks now and then, it has also been the driving force in her life.

On the other end of the spectrum is Amanda, who marries into the Frannie’s owners’ family (no incest, I swear) Amanda is the kind of character who you either hate or love. She seems gullible and the showrunners take advantage of that. But as the story progresses, I realized that Amanda is emotionally exhausted.

While she remains in Merinac of her own choice, she also wishes for a change and so close to home, the restaurant’s rivalry and her mother’s mental illness, its no wonder that when the producer, Sabrina, pushes her buttons, Amanda can’t hold it back.


I loved the easy going narration of the book but the tension between the sisters was present throughout. The story weaves the two together flawlessly and I breezed through the book in no time.

The book is full of moments which we have all been through or will face one day. Amanda feels dissatisfaction and is unhappy. Mae is confused about what she wants in life.

The story also deals with hoarding as an escape mechanism and is generally positive towards mental health.


There’s not a lot of negative things which you can say about the book. Its nice and heartwarming, full of food, cheer and laughter. If you are looking for something scandalous, you might not care much for The Chicken Sisters. But if you like Reese’s Book Club picks, this might be one of 2020s best.

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