Rhapsodic - Bibliode Review

The Bargainer #1

Laura Thalassa

Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

326 pages

Fae stories might have been around for a long time but Sarah J. Maas’s A Court of Thorns and Roses really set the trend for these books. It’s no surprise then that The Bargainer series’ first book, Rhapsodic feels like a poorly written ACOTAR smut. That is not to say that one can not enjoy the book.

Callypso Lillis is half human and half siren and has been secretly wondering about the Bargainer’s absence for the past seven years. They once used to be friends and maybe a little more but it’s been a while now. When the Bargainer shows up one day, to cash in on the 322 favors that Callie had taken from him, you know there is more to the story than meets the eye.

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The book is not well written but there’s a pull to it which makes you want to get to the end. It’s smut to the core. The story is so poorly developed, it’s almost laughable and still I really enjoyed it. It has become a matter of much annoyance to me that I can not put a finger on what made me like it.

Rhapsodic - Bibliode Review

Desmond Flynn, or the Bargainer, is the King of the Night Court (or whatever the Nigh Court is called in this book) and female Fae warriors are going missing only to be found later on, catatonic and with monstrous children on their arm. Des wants to employ Callie’s siren abilities to find out what is going on. The only catch – Callie’s skills are useless in the Fae world.

Now, one would think that this is a good enough story and can be worked with except that does not happen. Most of the book is about the underlying romance between Des and Callie and the reason for Des’s absence for the past seven years. The book is decent sized but it feels much shorter. Maybe the extremely easy-to-read text makes the book go by in a breeze.

Rhapsodic is in no way, a book I would recommend but if you are looking for something simple which you know will keep you entertained, The Bargainer series might be the one for you.

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