Sex and Vanity – Kevin Kwan

Sex and Vanity
Audiobook Review of Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan narrated by Lydia Look

Sex and Vanity – Kevin Kwan (2020)

Genre – Romance

Narrated by Lydia Look

Length – 9 hrs 36 min

From the author of the Crazy Rich Asians series, comes another romance novel which will have you reminiscing the days of Gossip Girl. While not as engrossing as the exciting lives of Nick Young and Rachel Chu, Sex and Vanity is not without its merits.

Lucie Churchill, 19 is invited to the wedding of her friend Isabel, in Capri. Little does she know that her life is about to change. Lucie is both attracted and seemingly repelled by George Zao. After a particularly scandalous moment, Lucie moves on. Five years later, in Manhattan, their paths cross again and the sparks are still alive.

The story can not be classified in the love-hate trope since both Lucy and George seems to constantly pulled to each other without actually wanting to. The romance in the book is short but cute and the main attraction of it is the manner in which Kevin Kwan tells the perfect story of the uber rich and elites.

There is not a moment without a mention of some socialite or designer or globetrotters. Much like Crazy Rich Asians, its impossible to not be mesmerized by the world which the author creates.

But the book is not all just bling and glamour. Lucie deals with her identity and thinks about her half chinese and half WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) heritage and the expectations of her family especially her grandmother.

Lydia Look‘s narration adds another dimension to the book. Its a little slow to get into but after a few chapters the enthusiasm with which she narrates and the various character voices really make the whole experience enjoyable and memorable.

The only issue with the book would be its plot. It seems almost irrelevant to the story and the romance between Lucie and George does not appear to be the main theme of it. It moves through here and there and rarely makes a point about what the book is really about. The one reason to pick up the book would be to dive into the world of the rich and the beautiful way in which Kwan tells it.

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