Heart Bones – Colleen Hoover

Heart Bones

Heart Bones (2020)

Author – Colleen Hoover

Genre – Romance

Page Count – 251 pages

Rating – 3/5

From hearing about Colleen Hoover on every social media to actually sitting down to read one of her books, has been a great ride. Heart Bones really delivers on the hype in the romance world which is cheesy and serious in equal measure.

Beyah Grim returns home to her dilapidated trailer to find her mother in a state of overdose. Life quickly changes as she has to make one hasty decision after another.

I think when you’re the worst of people, finding the worst in others becomes a survival tactic of sorts. You focus heavily on the darkness in people in hopes of masking the true shade of your own darkness.

She decides to go to Houston, to live with her father – who she hasn’t seen in years – before she goes off to college. Beyah finds love, friendship and family in the city.

Heart Bones

It is impossible to not empathise with Beyah and her struggles because its the reality of many people. And Colleen Hoover sets up this understanding early on to reveal the twist later in the story so that it doesn’t feel as shocking.

Beyah begins to get closer to her neighbour, Samson, who appears to have secrets of his own. They both hold their pasts and memories very close to their hearts, rarely divulging. The main characters are young and scared and the author does a great job in getting it through.

The writing which started off well became more and more elementary which was quite noticeable. One could expect more from the book, especially the questionable behaviour of so many characters, but the romance remains intact and enjoyable.

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