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Revenge Cake - Bibliode Review

Revenge Cake (6 December 2020)

Author – Skyler Mason

Genre – Romance

Page Count – 220 pages

If you are one to judge a book by its cover, then chances are you will inevitably miss out on some great stories. Revenge Cake is in no way a ‘great’ read but its close enough.

You haven’t seen a relationship so dysfunctional since Catherine and Heathcliff but it rings truer than most modern romances. Logan and Leilani, or Lani as she is lovingly called, are perfect for each other because they just wouldn’t get along with anybody else.

Logan is a typical man-child who constantly needs an emotional crutch and if by any chance, the girl decides that she wants to focus on herself, Logan concludes that she’s not worth it and moves on to his next emotional crutch. He loves the idea of Leilani and as soon as she strays a little away from the image of her he has created in his mind, she is added to his roster of ‘crazy ex-girlfriends.’

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Leilani is the kind of girl we have all met at least once – those who think they are superior to others just because of their taste in music or cinema and think words like ‘cool’ are bourgeois. Maybe some of us have been that person. She’s so obsessed with being ironically cool that she is just annoying.

And they are perfect for each other.

There are a lot of moments in the book where you want to take a side but its not as simple as who was wrong. Logan treats Leilani as his conquest and relentlessly chases after the next phases of his relationship with her. When she says she likes him, he immediately wants her to love him. When she says she loves, he instantly wants to move in with her. Leilani on the other hand, being fiercely independent, does not want to compromise at any point which drives Logan to the edge.

But the story is barely about their relationship but more about their breakup.

Its a good look at dysfunctional and emotionally dependent relationships which people work through regardless of the amount of the trauma is creates among them.

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