Quiz : Which Bridgerton Heroine Are You?

Which Bridgerton Heroine Are You?

Bridgerton has slowly turned into everybody’s guilty pleasure and you can not deny that it is one of the most entertaining shows which has come around in a while.

Do you want to know which Bridgerton sibling you are most like? Take this quiz.

If you have watched the Netflix series or read the books, you will definitely have a favorite character.

Let us guess which Bridgerton heroine are you?

If you could master one of the following skills, which would it be?

Question 1

There arrives an opportunity to go an adventure but it's the 1800s. What do you do?

Question 2

You are winning a friendly match and it's not sitting well with the hosts. How do you proceed?

Question 3

Your mother is organizing a massive ball. How do you feel about it?

The person you love is marrying someone else. What do you do?

Question 5

You are about to move to a different country but don't want to leave your friends and family behind.....

Question 6

You are creative and need to apply it somewhere. What do you choose?

Question 7

You have just made a very bad mistake. What do you do?

Simon Hastings

Somebody is about to fight a duel for your honor. How do you react?

Question 9

Who is your favorite character from the Bridgerton Netflix series?

Question 10

Which Bridgerton heroine are you?
You are Daphne Bridgerton

Daphne Bridgerton

You are sweet and kind with just a touch of badass. You definitely deserve that 'Duchess' title.
You are Kate Sheffield

Kate Sheffield

You brought down the infamous Anthony Bridgerton to his knees! You are fiercely loyal and always speak your mind.
You are Sophie Beckett

Sophie Beckett

You are full of life and kindness. You are not easily brought down by tragedy and keep moving ahead in life.
You are Penelope Featherington

Penelope Featherington

You are the coolest of them all, the mastermind! You are smart and perceptive. You are creative and don't let social conventions hold you back.
You are Eloise Bridgerton

Eloise Bridgerton

Honestly, the world is not ready for you. You are incredibly intelligent and have a strong need to prove yourself.
You are Francesca Bridgerton

Francesca Bridgerton

You are quiet and introverted but that does not mean you don't know what's happening. You are confident in yourself and like to be on your own.
You are Hyacinth Bridgerton

Hyacinth Bridgerton

The Regency life can not handle you. You are definitely too cool for the times and are very witty and sarcastic.
You are Lucy Abernathy

Lucy Abernathy

You are considerate and always put others before you. You are a good friend and try to make everyone happy.

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