Mistletoe and Mr. Right – Sarah Morgenthaler

Mistletoe and Mr. Right - Bibliode Review

Mistletoe and Mr. Right (2020)

Author – Sarah Morgenthaler^

Genre – Romance

Page Count – 400 pages


Moose Springs and its loving characters are back in the second book of the series. But that doesn’t mean you have to read The Tourist Attraction to be able to enjoy Mistletoe and Mr. Right.

Lana Montgomery, heiress to one of the biggest real estate conglomerates in the world, finds herself head to head with the people of Moose Springs. Lana believes that her plans will not only benefit the company but the people of the town she has come to love since she was a teenager.

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If you have read The Tourist Attraction, you will recognize all the characters. The beloved OG couple of Moose Springs, make a few scenes but the focus remains on the relationship between Lana and local pool club owner, Rick Harding.

Mistletoe and Mr. Right - Bibliode Review

If you are looking for a romance which is too cute to be true, then you might be a little disappointed with this one. While the blooming love between the protagonists seems to be the main plot, a lot of times the book is about Lana and her struggles as a young businesswoman who must not only prove her worth to her family but her intentions to the townsfolk as well. Personally, I did not mind the slight shift from the previous book and the extra character development made the book a lot more enjoyable than the first one.

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There is not much to dislike about the characters in the Moose Springs ‘series’. They are all incredibly lovable and I found myself vouching for them right from the beginning. However, after reading the first book, it felt like all the male characters are made from the same mold especially since they talk to everybody in the same manner.

For those who missed Ulysses from the first book, there is a mystery Moose to keep you excited. The 400 pages of the book don’t feel like a drag at all (which has been my problem with romance novels before) and if you are looking for a comforting Christmas romance, then you should definitely pick this one up.

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