Eat Like a Parisian – Love Among the Recipes

10 books to read instead of watching Emily in Paris

Love Among the Recipes (2020)

Author – Carol M. Cram

Genre – Romance

Page Count – 368 pages

I recently watched a few episodes of the new Netflix rom-com series starring Lily Collins, Emily in Paris – and I really hated it. I decided to put together a list of books one can read instead. One of those was Love Among the Recipes, a new release by Carol M. Cram.

Paris and fashion has inspired its fair share of literature and other arts but so has Paris and food. Genna McGraw is excited to jump into this idea of combining bistro-style food with famous Parisian destinations. Now that nothing is holding her back at her home in Vancouver – her children all grown up, her husband is a cheating philandering- it only makes sense for her to put aside her 28 years long role of mother and wife and finally be Genna McGraw – cookbook writer.

Be prepared to have your stomach rumbling with hunger while reading this one. Genna can make associations between food and places with flippant ease. Where there is the Eiffel Tower, there is steak haché et frites. There is the Notre-Dame cathedral but there is also grilled lemon sole.

However, the one thing which made the book really good for me was the diversion from the regular Paris trope. Yes, there is the charming Pierre LeBlanc, your quintessential and stereotypical French man. But, thankfully, Genna is the heroine of her own book who does not need any saving and also realizes that one can be charmed into relationships which are not necessarily romantic.

The book seems fairly simple and maybe the message of it is so but there is a lot going on beneath the surface. Genna, who had a happy three decades with her family, also has a desire to be a person who’s known for things other than her domestic responsibilities. She makes a multitude of friends which bring to light various issues as well.

The book is fresh and entertaining, a little longer than I prefer but a delight to read especially if you love stories of food and Paris.

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