Layla – Colleen Hoover

Layla - bibliode review

Layla (2020)

Author – Colleen Hoover

Genre – Paranormal Romance

Page Count – 301 pages

If you have been reading Colleen Hoover books for a while, then you will know that they are not always a walk in the park. They are not your regular romances but rather full of dark moments and difficult times. Layla is one such book which is generally enjoyable from start to finish but can still make you cry.

Those who are not into mushy romances would probably not enjoy this paranormal story. Layla and Leeds meet at Layla’s sister’s wedding. Leeds is the bass player in a band called Garrett’s band, a gig he does not particularly enjoy but when he meets Layla, things begin to look and feel a little better for him.

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And everything would have been normal if the story did not begin with Leeds talking to some man while Layla is tied up and kept hostage in a bedroom.

But things are not as bleak as one would expect from the beginning of the story. Leeds and Layla enjoy 2 months of a happy and fiery relationship before tragedy strikes them. When Layla recovers, Leeds finds that she is not the same and to make things better, they decide to go back to where they met.

As if all of this is not enough, when they arrive to this house, it immediately becomes clear that there are more things happening here than either of them expected especially the presence of a disembodied spirit named Willow.

The book is a fairly emotional and easy read. If you are looking for something for more substance, you are probably in the wrong place with this story. It is the kind of book which is meant to be senselessly devoured and forgotten about a second later.

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