How to get more traffic to your book blog

How to increase traffic to your book blog

Book blogs get some of the least traffic among all niche blogs. Compared to the thousand-a-day traffic of fashion or lifestyle bloggers, an average book blogger is looking at 0-50 views a day.

So why are book blogs not getting any traffic?

The simplest answer is because there is a lack of readers.

But there are other factors – people would rather look at professional reviews or don’t read online reviews before buying books or that there are too many book bloggers or its difficult to create a following since you can only read so much.

However, there are some changes which you can make to drive more traffic to your book blog and make it profitable.

Here are 10 ways you can increase traffic to your blog.


Your first source of traffic, especially when starting out and have no references or domain authority, is social media.

INSTAGRAM (or our beloved Bookstagram) is a great source for getting loyal followers. Its always going to more important to keep the readers coming back instead of getting a few people once.

Talk about your blog posts through stories (or posts if you like) and there will always be a few people who will check out your blog.

Instagram also allows you to put one website in your bio where you can either keep the main home page or can update with each post.

How to use social media to get more traffic

TWITTER is another great place for getting traffic. Here you can directly share the link to your blog posts or can leave the website in your bio.

I highly recommend pinning your blog post tweet to your profile so that its the first thing the visitors see.

PINTEREST is your friend. Most blogs get 70% of their traffic from Pinterest. If you are on Instagram, then you are already creating great visual content.

All you need to do now is go create a business account on Pinterest (or convert your existing personal account to one) and start creating your own pins.

(You don’t necessarily need a business account to drive traffic but it allows you to see analytics and can help in creating more desirable content)


Much like other businesses, its important to talk to people in the same field. While starting out, you should interact with other bloggers.

Put an effort into finding other bloggers who are just starting out. Everybody appreciates kindness.

Interact with other bloggers to drive traffic

Interact with more professional and experienced bloggers as well. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help.

However, interacting is not limited to just letting your presence known. Read what they have written and comment on their posts.

Best way to find other book bloggers is through WordPress Discover. Just type in your recent read and interact with those who have written about it as well.


Most of the times we forget to get the easiest traffic – friends and family. For the initial few days, these will be the people who regularly come to your blog.

But that’s not it. Besides sharing your posts with your virtual friends, share with your close and personal network as well. These people are highly likely to share it through their platforms so you will have more exposure.

Sharing posts with friends and family to drive traffic

Share away on your personal accounts and on WhatsApp and you will definitely notice a difference.


Book blogging is a friendly community so the chances of finding a guest blogger are high.

Look for guest bloggers frequently and see your traffic skyrocket. Do not be afraid to approach people.

Guest blogging to increase traffic

Extend the favor and do guest blogging for others as well. Book bloggers are a close-knit community and if you network, you will get more traffic.


Goodreads is the biggest readers community and you simply can not not use it.

The top reviews on Goodreads are a lot less formal and you should always write slightly different reviews for your blog and Goodreads. Leave your blog/website under the review for people to check out.

Using Goodreads to get traffic

You can also add your blog to your bio. Its important to build a following on Goodreads if you want more traffic because that’s where all the readers go. It might take some time but it is worth it.


SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Book bloggers seem to completely ignore it. STOP THAT!

SEO allows search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find the articles relevant to a search. If your post lacks the very basic things and language which people search for, then finding your blog will become difficult.

Writing SEO friendly posts for more traffic

If your blog is difficult to find, it won’t even be available on Google search.

So pay attention to writing SEO friendly posts. I will be writing an ultimate guide to SEO for book bloggers soon to make this step easier.


Do you know about Netgalley and Edelweiss Plus?

These are digital review copies providers where you can request the books you want to review before (and sometimes after) their publications.

Advanced Readers’ Copies (or ARCs) can be quite important in getting more traffic. Netgalley and Edelweiss Plus are the place to get these in digital format.

Become a Netgalley reviewer to drive more traffic

All they ask for is a public platform (regardless of the number of followers you have). You can make an account on both of these websites and request books right away.

You get to display your blogs in your bio which is visible to publishers.


Backlist books are those which have been in the market for a while as compared to the newly published ones which are called frontlist books.

Review indie books to get more traffic

No book ever goes out of style so review whatever you like without worrying about procuring the latest ones. If you are interested in Indie books, then the market is all yours.

Very few people talk about independent publishers and their books so if you review these, then there is little to no competition.


This is mostly for ARC posts. The best time to post about a book which is not yet released is a week before its publication date.

If you are a part of bookstagram, then you might have noticed that a book is most talked about around 7-10 days before its coming out.

This won’t make a difference to how easy it is to find your blog on search engines. But it will make a difference through your following on social media.

If all people have seen in a few days is that one book, then the chances that they will go check out your post are really high.


Most writers these days are on one social media or another. And if you are already using Twitter and Instagram to get more traffic, then this is one thing you should absolutely do.


Sharing with authors for more traffic

Authors, whether just starting out or already famous, love their readers and appreciate every single one who reads their books. And they share your reviews.

So don’t be afraid to tag them in your stories and tweets.


If you are doing this as a hobby, then you can whatever you like with your blog – there are no rules.

But if you want more traffic and make money, then you need to give the reader something more.

Writing about more things to increase traffic.

Write about other bookish things to get more traffic. You could write stories, talk about the process which goes behind writing a book, author interviews and many more.

So here are a list of 10 things which you can do without much effort to get more traffic on a daily basis. Remember that it will not happen today but consistent practice of these methods will pay.

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