Fake Accounts - Bibliode Review

Fake Accounts by Lauren Oyler

Genre - Satire/Political Fiction Page Count - 247 pages Rating - 4/5 Everyone has felt the ennui which inevitably comes ...
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Rhapsodic - Bibliode Review


The Bargainer #1 Laura Thalassa Fantasy/Paranormal Romance 326 pages Fae stories might have been around for a long time but ...
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The Spanish Love Deception

The debut novel from Bookstagram's romance queen Elena Armas Romance 487 pages If you have been using or have ever ...
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A Court of Silver Flames - Bibliode Review

Review : A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas

The beginning of a new fandom A Court of Silver Flames (February 2021) Genre - Fantasy Page Count - 768 ...
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The Son of Good Fortune - Bibliode Review

The Son of Good Fortune – Lysley Tenorio

The Son of Good Fortune (2020) Author - Lysley Tenorio Genre - Literary Fiction Page Count - 304 pages The ...
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Yes & I Love You - Bibliode Review

Yes & I Love You – Roni Loren

Yes & I Love You (To Be Published - 2 March 2020) Author - Roni Loren Genre - Contemporary Romance ...
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Perestroika in Paris-Bibliode

A horse, a dog and a raven walk into a bar – Perestroika in Paris

Perestroika in Paris (2020) Author - Jane Smiley Genre - Fairy tale Page Count - 288 pages Jane Smiley's latest ...
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10 books to read instead of watching Emily in Paris

Eat Like a Parisian – Love Among the Recipes

Love Among the Recipes (2020) Author - Carol M. Cram Genre - Romance Page Count - 368 pages I recently ...
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The Chicken Sisters - Bibliode Review

You know I like my chicken fried – The Chicken Sisters

The Chicken Sisters (2020) Author - KJ Dell'Antonia Genre - Domestic Fiction Page Count - 352 pages Reese Witherspoon's book ...
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The Arctic Fury - Bibliode Review

The Crime of a Woman – The Arctic Fury

The Arctic Fury (2020) Author - Greer Macallister Genre - Historical Fiction Page Count - 300 pages Equal parts court ...
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