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Rhapsodic - Bibliode Review


The Bargainer #1 Laura Thalassa Fantasy/Paranormal Romance 326 pages Fae stories might have been around for a long time but Sarah J. Maas’s A Court of Thorns and Roses really set the trend for these books. It’s no surprise then that The Bargainer series’ first book, Rhapsodic feels like a poorly written ACOTAR smut. That …

25 middle grade fantasy novels to read

25 Incredible Middle Grade Fantasies To Get Your Hands On Now

Middle grade books are not just for kids. Everybody loves stories of kids triumphing over evil and finding magical worlds. We all loved the Chronicles of Narnia and simply can not get over the world of middle grade fantasies. If you are looking for middle grade fantasy novels to read for yourself or for your …

10 fiction and non fiction books to read if you loved The Queen's Gambit

10 fiction and non-fiction books to read if you loved ‘The Queen’s Gambit’

Netflix’s drama series The Queen’s Gambit might as well be the best show of 2020. With an incredible cast of Anya Taylor-Joy as Elizabeth Harmon, Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Beth’s trusted friend and supporter, Benny, Jacob Fortune-Lloyed as Townes and Dudley Dursley’s Harry Melling as Beth’s first major win, Harry Beltik. The miniseries is based on …

The Son of Good Fortune - Bibliode Review

The Son of Good Fortune – Lysley Tenorio

The Son of Good Fortune (2020) Author – Lysley Tenorio Genre – Literary Fiction Page Count – 304 pages The Filipino-American writer challenges the American Dream in his latest novel, The Son of Good Fortune in the most honest but wholesome manner. The idea that anybody with good intentions, hardwork and determination can make it …