Review: The Bone Season

The Bone Season Bibliode Review

The Bone Season (2013)

Book #1 in The Bone Season series

Author – Samantha Shannon

Genre – Dystopian Fantasy

Page Count – 480 pages

We had all been waiting with bated breath with Netflix’s latest show, Shadow and Bone. It was quite a journey to read the series all over again and root for beloved characters. But now that everyone has binge-watched the show, there is going to be a fantasy-sized gaping hole in our hearts to fill it.

Trust me, The Bone Season is the series to fill it.


England, 2059 is no more a monarchy. In fact, it hasn’t been in 200 hundred years when the Scion was created to keep the ‘unnaturals’ at bay and protect the humans. The Unnaturals – people with powers – have created a syndicate and run an underground project to maintain some kind of normalcy in their lives. One such group is called the Seven Dials, run by the smart and ruthless, Jaxon Hall and his mollisher, Paige Mahoney.

The Bone Season - Bibliode Review

But every once in a while, an Unnatural gets arrested by the Scion and nobody knows what happens to them. Paige soon finds out when she captured and instead of being tortured in the ‘Tower’, she is taken to a different place altogether. Run by a group of humanoid creatures called Rephaim, Paige soon finds that they are puppet-masters, responsible for the horrible segregation.


The Bone Season is interesting right off the bat. Shannon’s world-building is simply incredible and creates an environment that grips you and makes it difficult to put the book down. She takes her time in divulging information about the Rephaim and the general political state of England under the rule of the Scion.

Even though the book follows the regular tropes of young adult fantasy – a powerful girl who does not have a full understanding of her own powers, kept hostage by a benevolent enemy, an enemy who turns out to be an ally, etc. – the feel of the book is not young adult at all. The part which really stood out for me was the creation of ranks even amongst the clairvoyants under Rephaim rule in the form of white, pink, red, and yellow jackets.

The cast of side characters was amazing. Each character is extremely well developed and adds to the story in a way that makes you feel that the story would have been incomplete without them.

If you are looking for a new series to binge read to get over Shadow and Bone hangover, then The Bone Season is the perfect candidate for the job.

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