You Should Use These Instead of Goodreads

Goodreads Alternatives

Anyone who has used Goodreads would know that it is no way a perfect app. Far from it. The interface is chunky and cluttered. It is difficult to navigate through the thousands of things which are happening in its small space. The app is not particularly personalized and its recommendations make very little sense.

The app itself is slow and honestly, its good for nothing but keeping a list of books you have read, will read or are currently reading.

It is difficult to find good recommendation apps for books since Goodreads enjoys quite a monopoly over the market. However, there are two new alternatives which you should be aware of.


The Storygraph is a website to make all your nerdy bookish dreams come true. It is THE recommendation app since it focuses on your personal priorities instead of what you have been reading lately.

The website allows you to categorize books you review according to what it made you feel. For example, I like to read fiction books that are reflective, emotional and challenging. I tend to choose medium paced books that are 300-499 pages long.

From your profile, you can see your reading stats and keep a track of your reading goals. It also allows you to transfer your Goodreads data. Two unique features are ‘DNF’ and option to talk about diversity in books.

Started by a fellow Instagram book nerd, Nadia Odunayo, the website is way more personalized than Goodreads. Check out The Storygraph and especially the ‘Ordered For You’ segment from your profile.


Booksloth is a new-ish app which works on a similar principle as Goodreads. If you prefer to keep a track of your reading through your phone, then switch to Booksloth.

In your profile, you can keep a track of the books you are reading, have read and want to read. You can post detailed reviews and interact with a growing community.

The interface of the app is much better and aesthetic. According to the genre preference that you set, you will be shown the Upcoming releases which is such a blessing.

You can start discussions without any hassles with a simple click. The app is cute and easy to navigate with the feature to transfer your Goodreads data.

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