Review : A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Silver Flames - Bibliode Review

The beginning of a new fandom

A Court of Silver Flames (February 2021)

Genre – Fantasy

Page Count – 768 pages

Rating – 5/5

Sarah J. Maas always manages to create characters which you instantly fall in love with but Nesta Archeron seemed like one nobody was going to like. But in A Court of Silver Flames, you can’t help but vouch for her at every single page partly because at some point in time, we have all been her.

The author agrees with this in the acknowledgements and says that she has a put a little bit of her own struggle with mental health in the book and that maybe the reason the book feels even better than the incredible A Court of Thorns and Roses series. After all, name one book which left you wanting more even after almost 770 pages.

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If you are new to the fandom of the Night Court, the book might not leave as much impact. I believe that you need to have read the previous Nesta Archeron to truly appreciate her character development in this book. The story follows her goal to become better, even if a little reluctant in the beginning.

Nesta is as good a heroine as Feyre, if not better. She helps the priestesses in the library below the House to deal with their pasts. She helps revive the art of the Valkyries and also manages to become the person she was always meant to be. I loved reading her story so much, I almost forgot about the fact that a year back I was fawning over Feyre and Rhysand. A lot of people would agree that Nesta and Cassian are going to be the ship of 2021.

A Court of Silver Flames - Bibliode Review

There is no way that A Court of Silver Flames should be marketed as ‘Young Adult’ and the trend of doing that with every female written fantasy novel is really grating. The book deals with so much more than the regular YA tropes. It dives into PTSD, depression and myriad of other mental health issues and it would be safe to say that towards the end, it becomes almost therapeutic.

I for one can not wait to use some of the practices which Gwyn, Emerie and Nesta used in their training. I am the rock against which the surf crashes.

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