37 thriller books you won’t be able to put down

37 thriller books you won't be able to put down

Thrillers and suspense novels are almost always a great read. There is nothing more entertaining than a murder mystery and whodunnit. Maybe you prefer a disappearance mystery. Whatever be your choice of thrillers, there is something always waiting around the corner.

The past few years have seen the rise of thriller as a genre with great books releasing every few months. And it becomes almost impossible to not add at least a few to your TBR.

So if you are looking for something entertaining to read but which will also have you looking over your shoulder and biting your nails, then here’s a list of 37 books to read which you have to get to as soon as possible.

1. The Mother-in-law

Author – Sally Hepworth

The Mother-in-law - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

Lucy is happily married to Tom but there is something about Diana, Tom’s mother, which makes Lucy uncomfortable. Diana is full of ideas and kind to a fault and when five years later, she is found dead, it is beyond Lucy what could have lead to it.

2. Goodnight Beautiful

Author – Aimee Molloy

Goodnight Beautiful - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

Goodnight Beautiful is one of those books which you should go into without knowing much and add to that an unreliable narrator and you have a thriller which will keep you up all night. Sam Statler has moved back to his hometown to take care of his ailing mother and he finds a perfect place to set up his office. But there is someone in the house who has access to all his patient’s information.

3. The Night Swim

Author – Megan Goldin

The Night Swim - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

If you love books set around a podcaster, this is the perfect book for you. Rachel’s show has become a success especially after she became famous for providing justice. Now somebody is sending her letters asking for help and Rachel is also investigating a rape trial. Could there be a connection between the two?

4. Miracle Creek

Author – Angie Kim

Miracle Creek - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

Lakewood and Miracle Creek are books to pick up if you like ‘experiment’ thrillers. A special treatment center in a small town in Virginia is blown up and two people are found dead. Soon it becomes clear that it was no accident and now it remains to be found how it happened.

5. Confessions on the 7:45

Author – Lisa Unger

Confessions on the 7:45 - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

Two women meet on the train and strike up a conversation. What could possibly be wrong with that? But soon enough Selena’s nanny goes missing and she is left wondering if the woman, Martha, whom she met on the train could be related to it one way or another.

6. When No One is Watching

Author – Alyssa Cole

When No One is Watching - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

For the fans of conspiracy theories, the renowned romance writer, Alyssa Cole delivers a thriller almost perfect. Sydney’s neighbourhood is changing. There are new apartment springing up and old neighbours moving away and she just needs something to occupy herself. But what if the neighbours are not leaving but disappearing.

7. Something in the Water

Author – Catherine Steadman

Something in the Water - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

One of the best thrillers of 2018, Something in the Water was a debut novel which was quite a sensation. Erin and Mark are passionately in love and take a trip to Bora Bora for their honeymoon. But they find something there which leaves them making difficult decisions – to tell or to keep it a secret.

8. Then She Was Gone

Author – Lisa Jewell

Then She Was Gone - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

Laurel was a doting mother and it’s been ten years since her daughter, Ellie disappeared. But now it’s time to move on and Laurel finds Floyd who is loving and has a beautiful and precocious daughter, Poppy. The only problem is that Poppy is a spitting image of Ellie which brings Laurel which brings her back to right where she started.

9. A Nearly Normal Family

Author – M. T. Edvardsson

A Nearly Normal Family - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

A family’s normal life is torn apart when the daughter is accused of murder. In fact, it is quite weird that Stella could have done something like this since the victim was a man decades older than her. The father can not believe that his daughter could have done and her mother is unable to tell who is telling the truth.

10. You Are Not Alone

Author – Greer Hendricks/Sarah Pekkanen

You Are Not Alone - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

You Are Not Alone is a perfect suspense from the thriller duo. Shay is so much like so many of us. Stuck in a dead end job and feeling lonely as time goes on, she just wants to belong somewhere. When she meets the Moore sisters, she would do anything to be a part of their glamorous circle and might as well have to.

11. Dead to Her

Author – Sarah Pinborough

Dead to Her - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

Who doesn’t love a book set in the world of the elites? And even better if there’s a good thriller attached to it. Marcie has, what some may call, the perfect life. She and Jason are happily married. That is until Jason’s boss, brings back his beautiful wife from London and nobody is unable to look away from her.

12. Gone Girl

Author – Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

There is not a list of ‘best thriller books to read’ which would be complete with a work of Gillian Flynn especially Gone Girl. Nick and Amy were the perfect couple and the town is shook when Amy disappears. Nick is not doing anything about the fingers pointing at him with his lies and deceits and Amy has left behind some diaries making things a little more complicated.

13. The Girl in the Mirror

Author – Rose Carlyle

The Girl in the Mirror - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

An inheritance drama with twins and sibling rivalry, The Girl in the Mirror will have you biting your nail. For Iris, her twin, Summer has always been the one to get everything including her perfect husband, Adam. When Summer begs Iris to come to Thailand to sail their yacht back home, Iris jumps at the opportunity and doesn’t let it go even when Adam assumes that she is Summer.

14. The Wife Stalker

Author – Liv Constantine

The Wife Stalker - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

There is Joanna and Leo, who were once happily married and then there’s Piper, who Leo has fallen in love with head over heels. Joanna had been waiting around for Leo to come out from his depression and it doesn’t sit well with her to find out that it wasn’t her or anything else which did it for him but a woman named Piper who he is leaving Joanna for now. How far is Joanna willing to go to save her marraige?

15. Lie, Lie Again

Author – Stacy Wise

Lie, Lie Again - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

One of the latest releases of 2021, Lie, Lie Again is perfect for the fans of Araminta Hall. There’s Sylvia, who has nice boyfriend but also a crazy ex-girlfriend to deal with. Riki is in love with her friend’s husband and Embry is all smiles even in the face of adversities. But all three of them have secrets which are just waiting to come out.

16. The Silent Patient

Author – Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

Alicia’s life is quite perfect. She is a famous artist and married to a famous fashion photographer. That’s why when she shoots her husband in the face and refuses to say anything after that, it takes the media by storm. Theo, a criminal psychotherapist had been looking for a case exactly like this. Will he able to solve the mystery?

17. Home Before Dark

Author – Riley Sager

Home Before Dark - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

A creepy house, a fleeing family and angry townspeople is a recipe for a great horror thriller. Baneberry Hall and all its happening was given life in the owner’s book, House of Horrors. Maggie was too young to remember anything that happened there and now she has inherited the house. But when she returns back to renovate the place, nobody is happy about her arrival.

18. My Sister, the Serial Killer

Author – Oyinkan Braithwaite

My Sister, The Serial Killer - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

How far are you willing to go for your siblings? Would you clean up their mess especially the ones which require dispatching off a body. Ayoola’s love life is beyond her sister, Korede. But Korede has had enough when Ayoola starts seeing a doctor from the hospital where Korede works.

19. The Chalk Man

Author – C. J. Tudor

The Chalk Man - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

C. J. Tudor is better known for The Other People but The Chalk Man will make you want to read more of her works. A simple kids’ game turns dangerous in this thriller. Eddie and his friends leave chalk men as code for each other and one such leads them to dismembered boy. Now its been years since that incident and Eddie has moved on until he finds a chalk man.

20. Into the Water

Author – Paula Hawkins

Into the Water - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

Paula Hawkins is more popular for her book, The Girl on the Train but Into the Water is one to make a thriller fan out of you. A young mother and a teenage girl were both found dead at the bottom of a river only a few months apart. Now a 15 year old girl has been left in the care of her mother’s sister who does not want to be back where she started.

21. The Red Lotus

Author – Chris Bohjalian

The Red Lotus - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

Alexa and Austin were the perfect couple. Their meet cute was out of fairytales. They met in the emergency room and soon fell in love. Now at the verge of calling it official, Austin takes Alexa to Vietnam to pay respect to his family members who fought in the war and also show Alexa his passion for cycling. So it is weird that Austin disappears one day, leaving Alexa wondering about why they came to Vietnam in the first place.

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22. The Family Upstairs

Author – Lisa Jewell

The Family Upstairs - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

Libby Jones is more entangled into the life of three families than she would expected especially since she has never known any family. On receiving a letter which not only tells her the identity of her parents but also bestows upon her a house, she is quite surprised. But things are not as easy because years back, the very same house was found with three dead bodies, a 10 month child crying and three other children missing.

23. The Woman in the Window

Author – A. J. Finn

The Woman in the Window - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

The Woman in the Window is one of those books which will make you want to check out your window a couple of times. Anna Fox is a recluse and tired of her humdrum life. She spends all her time watching TV and sipping wine. One day, a perfect family moves across from her and Anna sees some things which she can not unsee. But what is real and what is not?

24. One by One

Author – Ruth Ware

One by One - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

For the fans of Agatha Christie style Whodunnits, One by One is Ruth Ware’s latest novel and set in a chilly scape. An off-site company retreat is cut off after an avalanche hit and all ties are broken when survival kicks in in the people.

25. The Whisper Man

Author – Alex North

The Whisper Man - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

The Whisper Man will have you looking over your shoulder. What could be more creepy than serial killer who lures his victims out of their houses by whispering near their windows? Tom and his son were just looking for a new beginning after the loss of his wife. But when a boy disappears in the style of the Whisper Man, it brings back the rumors in the town of Featherbank.

26. The Searcher

Author – Tana French

The Searcher - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

Detective Cal Hooper, retired and divorced wants to change his life and moves one to rural Ireland. He is going to fix an old house and live his life in peace. At least that’s what he thought until a local boy asked him to locate his missing brother. Cal soon finds out that behind the sweet faces of his townspeople is a secret nobody wants out.

27. These Women

Author – Ivy Pochoda

These Women - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

This sinister book is everything you want from a thriller which will keep you on the edge of your seat. These women have built their own lives in South Los Angeles and will not let anybody slow them down. Essie, Dorian, Julianna, Marella and Anneke see their lives taken apart when two murders rock their neighbourhood.

28. The Safe Place

Author – Anna Downes

The Safe Place - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

Emily Proudman gets an offer she can not refuse.

After all, how many people get a job working for a perfect family in the French vineyards full of warm days and delicious wine. But an offer like this comes at a price and Emily realises that once her employer’s family secrets start coming out.

29. Darling Rose Gold

Author – Stephanie Wrobel

Darling Rose Gold - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

Darling Rose Gold begs you to take a side but as the story progresses, it becomes more and more difficult to do so. Rose Gold spent 18 years of her life thinking that she was too sick to do anything. But now she knows that it was just a ploy of her deluded mother. Five years later, her mother is coming out of jail and Rose Gold has some very difficult decisions to make.

30. Social Creature

Author – Tara Isabella Burton

Social Creature - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

If obsessive characters make you uncomfortable but you still love reading about them, then this is the book for you. Lavinia and Louise had a lot of dream. They were going to become great writers and travel the world but that never came around for Lavinia who died soon after, which leaves Louise asking questions about their friendship.

31. The Dry

Author – Jane Harper

The Dry - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

In the farming community of Kiewarra, a family is found dead. Aaron Falk who had left behind the village a long time back is back to attend to his friends funeral. As much as he wants to stay away from the place that turned his back on him, there is also the secret which him and his friend shared which is threatening to come out after his death.

32. The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

Author – Stuart Turton

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle or The Seven and a Half Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle depending upon where you live, is an time bending thriller which will leave you wanting more. Aiden Bishop is stuck living the same day over and over again and the only way he can break the cycle is if he figures out the mystery of Evelyn’s death.

33. The Child

Author – Fiona Barton

The Child - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

Fiona Barton’s The Child quickly got lost in the thousands of thrillers which have come around since 2017 but it’s one of those you simply can not miss. A small piece in the newspaper, overlooked by the masses have three people sweating – a journalist who needs to figure the mystery out, a woman who would rather not think about it and another who is scared her secret is about to come out.

34. My Lovely Wife

Author – Samantha Downing

My Lovely Wife - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

A lot of people do things to keep the magic of their marriage alive. How far are you willing to go to bring back the sparks? Perhaps, a murder.

35. Long Bright River

Author – Liz Moore

Long Bright River - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

Long Bright River was one of 2020’s best thrillers. Set in the backdrop of the opioid crisis, sisters, Kacey and Mickey lead lives which could not be more different from each other. Kacey spends her time in the drug hovels and Mickey stalks the streets in her police car. They don’t talk anymore but when Kacey goes missing, Mickey simply can not overlook the disappearance.

36. His and Hers

Author – Alice Feeney

His and Hers - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

His and Hers is one of those books which are simply so much more better on audio with its full cast. Anna is asked to cover the story of a murder and Jack, an investigator, is a suspect in his own case. Who is telling the truth?

37. Pretty Things

Author – Janelle Brown

Pretty Things - Bibliode's list of thrillers to read

Nobody would have imagined that Nina’s and Vanessa’s lives would collide. After all, Nina is a con artist willing to pull one of her career’s most dangerous to save her mother and Vanessa is an Instagram Influencer traveling the globe. But their intertwine in a house near Lake Tahoe and everything changes.

Which other thrillers would you put on the list? Which of these have you read and what’s been your favourtie? Leave a comment down below.

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