11 Best SFF Books Coming Out in February 2021

11 SFF Books Coming Out in February 2021

There are some incredible Science Fiction and Fantasy books are coming out in February 2021 especially sequels to series that everyone love.

If you love SFF books, then you must add these books to your TBR which are coming out in February 2021

1. The Witch’s Heart

Author – Genevieve Gornichec

The Witch's Heart - SFF February 2021

“When a banished witch falls in love with the legendary trickster Loki, she risks the wrath of the gods in the moving, subversive debut novel that reimagines Norse mythology.”

2. Kingdom of Shadow and Light

Author – Karen Marie Moning

Kingdom of Shadow and Light

“MacKayla Lane is on a path to rule the race she was born to hunt–and kill–in this electrifying new installment in #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series.”

3. The Galaxy, and the Ground Within

Author – Becky Chambers

The Galaxy, and the Ground Within - Becky Chambers

“With no water, no air, and no native life, the planet Gora is unremarkable. The only thing it has going for it is a chance proximity to more popular worlds, making it a decent stopover for ships traveling between the wormholes that keep the Galactic Commons connected. If deep space is a highway, Gora is just your average truck stop.”

4. Winter’s Orbit

Author – Everina Maxwell

Winter's Orbit - SFF February 2021

“While the Iskat Empire has long dominated the system through treaties and political alliances, several planets, including Thea, have begun to chafe under Iskat’s rule. When tragedy befalls Imperial Prince Taam, his Thean widower, Jainan, is rushed into an arranged marriage with Taam’s cousin, the disreputable Kiem, in a bid to keep the rising hostilities between the two worlds under control.”

5. The Electric Kingdom

Author – David Arnold

The Electric Kingdom - SFF February 2021

The Electric Kingdom is a sweeping exploration of love, art, storytelling, eternal life, and above all, a testament to the notion that even in an exterminated world, one person might find beauty in another.”

6. A History of What Comes Next

Author – Sylvian Neuvel

A History of What Comes Next - Sylvain Neuvel

“Showing that truth is stranger than fiction, Sylvain Neuvel weaves a scfi thriller reminiscent of Blake Crouch and Andy Weir, blending a fast moving, darkly satirical look at 1940s rocketry with an exploration of the amorality of progress and the nature of violence in A History of What Comes Next.”

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7. A Summoning of Demons

Author – Cate Glass

A Summoning of Demons - SFF February 2021

Cate Glasss A Summoning of Demons marks the thrilling conclusion for the Chimera team, a ragtag crew who use their forbidden magic for the good of the kingdom.”

8. Engines of Oblivion

Author – Karen Osborne

Engines of Oblivion - SFF February 2021

Karen Osborne continues her science fiction action and adventure series The Memory War with Engines of Oblivion, the sequel to Architects of Memory – the corporations running the galaxy are about to learn not everyone can be bought”

9. Fireheart Tiger

Author – Aliette de Bodard

Fireheart Tiger - Aliette de Bodard

“Award-winning author Aliette de Bodard returns with a powerful romantic fantasy that read like The Goblin Emperor meets Howl’s Moving Castle in a pre-colonial Vietnamese-esque world”

10. Silence of the Soleri

Author – Michael Johnston

Silence of the Soleri - SFF February 2021

Silence of the Soleri is the action-packed sequel to the epic fantasy novel Lev Grossman calls “bloody and utterly epic.””

11. Soulstar

Author – C. L. Polk

Soulstar - SFF February 2021

“With Soulstar, C. L. Polk concludes her riveting Kingston Cycle, a whirlwind of magic, politics, romance and intrigue that began with the World Fantasy Award-winning Witchmark. Assassinations, deadly storms, and a long lost love haunt the pages of this thrilling final volume”

Which of these new releases are you excited about? Leave a comment down below.

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