10 YA fantasy picks for your November book club

13 YA fantasy picks for November book club

Its time to decide your November Book Club pick. 2020 has been a great year for Young Adult fantasy works and November is the month to settle down with a long fantastical read and a hot cup of tea and just be lost in the worlds of magic, dragons and witches.

Here is a list of recently released YA fantasy novels which should be on your radar for a perfect November book club pick.

1. Girl, Serpent, Thorn

Author – Melissa Bashardoust

Published – 2020

Girl, Serpent, Thorn - Bibliode

Inspired from Persian folklore, Girl, Serpent, Thorn introduces Soraya, a young princess cursed by the divs to be poisonous to anybody she touches. Hidden away by her family lest her reality create problems in the kingdom, Soraya must finally decide between freedom and her duties to her brother’s kingdom.

The book is gripping from the first chapter and Soraya’s conflict would make for an excellent discussion.

2. Star Daughter

Author – Shveta Thakrar

Published – 2020

Star Daughter - Bibliode

Sheetal Mistry is a normal girl with regular expectations in life. She wants to be with her boyfriend, Dev and not have her father control her life. However, she has a secret. Her mother is a celestial being. As her 17th birthday approaches, the pull from her mother’s abode becomes harder and harder and she can not ignore it anymore.

A nice deviation from the regular fantasy tropes, Star Daughter is light and entertaining read.

3. Incendiary

Author – Zoraida Cordova

Published – 2020

Incendiary - Bibliode

Book 1 in the new Hollow Crown series, Incendiary follows Renata, a powerful magician with the ability to take away people’s memories. Renata is taken away by the King at a young age but she decides to make her own destiny and help her people escape the kingdom’s unfair rule.

4. Fable

Author – Adrienne Young

Published – 2020

Fable - Bibliode

Fable is a girl determined to get what she wants and deserves. Young Fable has a tumultuous relationship with the sea. She lost her mother to it and soon after her father left her to go to a remote island. As she learns to take care of herself, Fable must now claim her position on her father’s ship. But first she must find him.

5. Cemetery Boys

Author – Aiden Thomas

Published – 2020

Cemetery Boys - Bibliode

Yadriel is a young trans boy whose family is unable to accept his gender. Now he is willing to go to lengths to prove his parents wrong. In a desperate attempt, he summons a ghost who refuses to leave. The ghost has plans of his own and as time passes, Yadriel does not want to be rid of him either.

A perfect and sweet YA fantasy which will leave a lot to discuss.

6. A Song of Wraiths and Ruin

Author – Roseanne A. Brown

Published – 2020

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin

With the recent announcement of the second book – A Psalm of Storms and Silence – this book would make for a perfect Book Club read. The book tells the story of Karina, the crown princess of Zarin and Malik, a young boy who will fight anyone for his sister’s freedom. Circumstances bring them together but their duties require them to go against each other.

Read the full review here

7. Where Dreams Descend

Author – Janella Angeles

Published – 2020

Where Dreams Descend - Bibliode

Circus and Magic? Yes!!

Conquering Circus must decide their next headliner but as Jack, Kallia and Demarco all present their acts, the competition itself becomes more and more dangerous. A beautiful magical mystery.

8. The Year of the Witching

Author – Alexis Henderson

Published – 2020

The Year of the Witching - Bibliode

If you loved The Once and Future Witches or need a deeper version of Serpent & Dove, The Year of the Witching intertwines injustice, self-discovery and witchcraft in a dark manner. Immanuelle lured into the woods surrounding Bethel, comes across a secret about herself and her mother and realizes that the real danger is within the city.

9. Cinderella is Dead

Author – Kalynn Bayron

Published – 2020

Cinderella is Dead - Bibliode

Not every girl wants a Prince Charming. Finding a queen has become a competition where girls must display their fineries to win the Prince’s affection. Sophie does not want that and would rather be with Erin. Tired of the constructs, Sophie along with Constance decide to bring down the King.

10. The Extraordinaries

Author – T. J. Klune

Published – 2020

The Extraordinaries - Bibliode

An exciting amalgamation of fan fiction and science fiction, The Extraordinaries tells the story of Nick, who after meeting town’s hero, Shadow Star decides to take some extraordinary decisions. He decides to see them through with or without his best friend’s help who might also be the love of his life.

11. The Inheritance Games

Author – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Published – 2020

The Inheritance Games - Bibliode

If Knives Out was a book, this would be it. Avery Grambs is left the entire fortune of Tobias Hawthorne and she has no clue why. When she arrives at the Hawthorne mansion, she has the opportunity to meet Hawthorne’s descendants, who were all expecting the inheritance to be theirs.

12. Legendborn

Author – Tracy Deon

Published – 2020

Legendborn - bibliode

Bree lost her mother young and now does not wish to go back to the memory again and again. But when she goes ahead with a plan to be rid of the memory, something awakens in her. Along the lines of Shadowhunters, Legendborn are young recruits who hunt creatures. Now Bree has the ways to unravel the secret to her mother’s death.

13. Kingdom of the Wicked

Author – Kerri Maniscalco

Published – 2020

Kingdom of the Wicked - Bibliode

Kingdom of the Wicked is the perfect book for post-Halloween blues as Emilia, a witch avenges her twin sister with the help of the Wicked, a prince of Hell she has been warned against many times. Emilia conflicted aiming to get justice for Vittoria soon realizes that things are not always simple with the Wicked.

Leave down more suggestions for YA Fantasy Book Club picks!

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