10 last minute Christmas books to read this season

10 last minute Christmas books to read

Christmas is just around the corner and if you are anything like me and slacking off on reading, then you might be regretting not reading a Christmas book to get into the holiday spirit.

Here is a list of 10 fun and easy to read Christmas books to add to your immediate TBR

1. Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares

Author – Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

Published – 2010

10 Christmas Books Bibliode

If you have already watched the Netflix series, Dash and Lily and loved the chemistry between Midori Francis and Austin Abrams, then its time to pick up the book which the show was based on. Dash and Lily begin to communicate through a notebook and love blooms in the most unexpected place.

2. The Christmas Wish List

Author – Heidi Swain

Published- 2019

10 Christmas Books  - The Christmas Wish List

Who doesn’t love a story of a character finding their Christmas joy and The Christmas Wish List fits the bill. Hattie has long forgotten Christmas festivities and after losing her job, its the last thing on her mind. Dolly, her friend, invites Hattie to the town of Wynbridge, where people’s excitement begins to rub off on her.

3. Royal Holiday

Author – Jasmine Guillory

Published – 2019

10 Christmas Books - Royal Holidqy

Did you ever watch Liz Taylor’s The Royals? You might love this book since it has the same vibe. When Vivian Forest gets the job to style the royals, she is more than living her dream of going to Britain and having a big projects. However, she did not expect Malcolm Hudson and his wonderful wooing charm.

4. Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery

Author – Jenny Colgan

Published – 2016

Book 3 in the Little Beach Street Bakery series takes us into the life of Polly Waterford. Polly is content in life. She loves baking and creating food for the village and she love her boyfriend, Huckle. But when Polly’s best friend arrives in town and brings with her a secret which threatens Huckle’s and Polly’s relationship, Christmas takes a bleak turn. And as a cherry on top, a familiar face makes their reappearance.

5. In A Holidaze

Author – Christina Lauren

Published – 2020

In a holidaze

Maelyn loves Christmas and why shouldn’t she? Every Christmas her family and their friends gather together in a cabin in Utah and have the time of their lives. Except this one is the last one. The owners of the cabin can no longer maintain the place and there will be no more Christmas tradition. Maelyn is sad and broken as her family leaves and that’s the last thought which crosses her mind before they get into an accident. And Maelyn wakes up on the plane to Utah. So begins the endless cycle of living the same holiday over and over again.

6. The Christmas Swap

Author – Sandy Barker

Published – 2020

Chloe, Jules and Lucy met when they were just 11. A few years later, they decide to swap places to spend Christmas in each other’s shoes. Chloe goes to Oxfordshire to live with Lucy’s parents. Jules off to Melbourne with Chloe’s friends and Lucy to Colorado for a perfect White Christmas.

7. An Island Christmas

Author – Jenny Colgan

Published – 2018

Goodreads –

Christmas on the remote Scottish island of Mure is bleak, stark – and incredibly beautiful.

It’s a time for hunkering down, getting cosy in front of whisky barrel wood fires, and enjoying a dram with the people you love – unless, of course, you’re accidentally pregnant to your ex-boss, and don’t know how to tell him. In what should be the season of peace and goodwill on earth, will Joel think Flora is a bearer of glad tidings?

Meanwhile Saif, the doctor and refugee from war-torn Syria is trying to enjoy his first western Christmas with his sons – but without his missing wife. Can the little family possibly find comfort and joy?

8. A Princess for Christmas

Author- Jenny Holiday

Published- 2020

A Princess for Christmas has all the Roman Holiday and The Princess Diaries vibes.

When Leo Ricci finds a real life Princess in need of help in front of the UN, his life changes. Princess Marie is distressed about the state of country, Eldovia. Leo and his sister, Gabby spend their Christmas in this small nation and Leo finds that his love for Marie only grows but she may not be right for him.

9. A Perfect Cornish Christmas

Author – Phillips Ashley

Published – 2019

A Perfect Cornish Christmas

Scarlett and her sister Ellie are having the perfect Cornish Christmas. And they have a surprise for their parents – a DNA test which will tell them about their ancestry. And what it reveals is that Scarlett and Ellie are only half sisters. One year later and a lot of family drama, Scarlett decides to move in with Ellie and begin her life anew in the town of Porthmellow.

10. Christmas at the Beach Hut

Author – Veronica Henry

Published – 2018

Christmas is all about family. Except that is exactly what Lizzy Kingham is running from. After doing everything for the holidays she just wants to be alone and goes to a little hut in Everdene where she meets an unlikely group of friends. And somewhere her family looks for her because Christmas is not Christmas without Lizzy.

If you hoping to add a last minute Christmas book to your December TBR, there books have all the cozy festivities to get you even more excited for Christmas.

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